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    The best diving spots Marvellous Gorgonaceas, Cornati National Park
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The island of Murter is one of many islands of northern Dalmatia, which is the historic region of Croatia and the most concentrated island cluster in the entire Mediterranean Sea (where almost 40 percent of all Croatian islands are situated). Murter is located in the north-western part of the Šibenik archipelago and the Šibenik-Kninski region. The island is connected with the mainland by a 6-meter drawbridge, so the island is easily accessible. There are four villages on the island. The villages Murter and Jezera are the oldest, Tisno and Betina - the younger ones. Most part of the island is covered by century-old olive and fig trees, which are also the most important element of the local crops. From the very beginning, the residents of Murter were engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, fishing, cultivation of vineyards. Today they also deal with gastronomy and tourism. Scarce land, which once was the cause of the hardship and poverty of the peasants, now is becomeing a tourist attraction. Empty sandy bays turned into interesting beaches, and Kornati archipelago is considered one of the most beautiful eco-park on Earth. The island of Murter is known for its fantastic sandy and pebble beaches. Apart from the most famous ones: Slanica, Kosirina, Cigrade, Podvrške, Lovišće, there are also many small coves hidden from crowds and noise. + zdjęcia z załącznika

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In our diving center you find all types of equipment to rent which you can imagine! We have a different variety of euipment from masks and fins to equpment for tech divers.

Diving Center Equipment:

  • Compressor CompAir HAB 20 - capacity 300 l/min
  • Oxygen Installation
  • Helium Installation
  • Nitrox Enriched Air
  • 60 tanks
  • 30 wet suits (7 and 5 mm)
  • 30 buoyancy control devices (jackets)
  • 30 regulators
  • Side Mount Systems ( stage, full sets & accessories)
  • weight system and weight belts
  • internet, telephone, computer
  • Photo camera adapted to taking photos under the water
  • Transport cars: pick-up, small bus
  • 20 ABC's sets (mask, fins, snorkel)
  • First - aid set, Philips HeartStart AED FRx (one of the best in their class, mostly purchased a defibrillator in the world, designed for use even in the most extreme conditions).
  • SUEX Scooters


Equipment rental
1 ELEMEMT / Day 7 euro
3 ELEMENTS/ Day 20 euro
1 ELEMENT / 5 Days 30 euro
3 ELEMENTY/ 5 Days 80 euro
ABC / Day 5 euro
ABC / 5 Days 20 euro
STAGE (NITROX) WITH AO 10 euro + gas
STAGE (OXYGEN) WITH AO 10 euro + gas
STAGE FOR SIDEMONT 10 euro + gas
TWIN 2 X 12L 15 euro with air
  • Ukwiały
  • foto Karol Kopec
  • Tomisa foto: K. Kopec
  • Kaprije - jamy, foto: K. Kopec
  • slimaki
  • Amfora, Amphora foto: Karol Kopeć - zapisz się na warsztaty fotografii podwodnej do Karola!
  • Krewetka - Caridea, Креветки, caridean shrimp foto Martin
  • Papugoryba
  • Chorwacja 2010 foto: Martin
  • Hippocampus czyli uroczy pławikonik :) foto: M.Kocięcki
  • slimak nagoskrzelny
  • Ślimak nagoskrzelny Flabellina affinis foto: M.Kocięcki U nas licznie występujące na głębokości do 25 m.Wielkość bardzo różna od 0,5 cm - 2,5 cm. Mamy specjalistów od ich wyszukiwania :)
  • krab pustelnik
  • Borak foto: M.Kocięcki
  • Drwenik Foto:A. Bizyukin
  • Francesca di Rimini foto: Andrey Bizyukin
  • Gorgonian foto: A.Bizyukin
  • Borko foto: A. Bizyukin