• Junkers JU 87 licensed wreck
    Junkers JU 87 licensed wreck New wreck in Adriatic available from NAUTILUS Diving Center!
  • Diving in Croatia
    Diving in Croatia Perfect for macro photography
  • The best diving spots
    The best diving spots Marvellous Gorgonaceas, Cornati National Park
  • Cornati National Park
    Cornati National Park You have to dive there!


Diving program :
From Sunday to Friday we go with the boat for diving. During one sail we held 2 dives, usually at two different sites. Between the dives there is the possibility of 'introdiving' with instructor - for them who dive for the first time.
8:00 meeting at the center, equipment preparation
8:30 departure, return around 14:00-16:00– depending on distances between dive sites.
We also hold group night dives – this is to be agreed prior to the event.
Saturday – no boat departures.
Saturdays are days, when there is a change of group – we do not sail, there might be diving from the shore.
Gases available in our centre in Jezera:
Nitrox, oxygen, helium + analyzers, mixers.
Our large&comfortable boat is perfect also for non-diver -  unforgettable cruises for whole family!


  • Ukwiały
  • foto Karol Kopec
  • Tomisa foto: K. Kopec
  • Kaprije - jamy, foto: K. Kopec
  • slimaki
  • Amfora, Amphora foto: Karol Kopeć - zapisz się na warsztaty fotografii podwodnej do Karola!
  • Krewetka - Caridea, Креветки, caridean shrimp foto Martin
  • Papugoryba
  • Chorwacja 2010 foto: Martin
  • Hippocampus czyli uroczy pławikonik :) foto: M.Kocięcki
  • slimak nagoskrzelny
  • Ślimak nagoskrzelny Flabellina affinis foto: M.Kocięcki U nas licznie występujące na głębokości do 25 m.Wielkość bardzo różna od 0,5 cm - 2,5 cm. Mamy specjalistów od ich wyszukiwania :)
  • krab pustelnik
  • Borak foto: M.Kocięcki
  • Drwenik Foto:A. Bizyukin
  • Francesca di Rimini foto: Andrey Bizyukin
  • Gorgonian foto: A.Bizyukin
  • Borko foto: A. Bizyukin