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  • Cuba Activity and Recreation Activity and Recreation Adventure14 days

100 6492Cuba – In addition to the well-known attractions of Cuba - paradise beaches, climate, friendly locals’ knack of enjoying life come what may, colonial and revolutionary tradition, and many others, this country has many leisure activities to offer in an unspoiled natural environment.

This programme offers knowledge of Cuba from the inside and, at the same time, the most important historical and cultural centres.

Guiding you in this adventure will be our Polish resident and translator, and founder of the programme, an expert on the region for 20 years

exemplary programme:

First day: arrival in Havana or Varadero. Transfer from the airport to Playa Larga (about 3 hours trip). Accommodation in "casas particulares" (description in section on "accommodation"). Second to fifth day - Playa Larga
Day Six - Travel to Cienfuegos: (3 hour trip). One night
Day Seven - short trip to Trinidad
Day Eight - Trinidad
Day Nine- Transfer to Vinales - 8 hours
Days Ten to Twelve - Vinales
Day Twelve - transfer to Havana. On the way stop and lunch at Soroa, the entrance to a vantage point with a panoramic view of the southern coast.
Days thirteen and fourteen - Havana.
Day fifteen, the last hours in Havana - at afternoon or evening departure



In Cuba two currencies apply: the peso and local peso - CUC. We use only the second and they are unofficially based on the U.S. dollar. However, the currency you should take is the euro or pound. In January 2013, one euro bought 1.28 CUC in exchange offices. You can also take cash from an ATM.

Cuba is very safe both in terms of crime and health issues. This is one of the last countries where potential criminals fear the police, and not vice versa. Medical service is of a high standard, (the pride of the revolution), and strong emphasis is placed on hygiene, control of sanitary containers, preventive spraying against mosquitoes and other things. It is even safe to drink tap water! Amoeba and malaria are virtually non-existent, and there are no threats from wild animals.
exemplary price:

890 USD
+ flight + activities + $ 100 for additional costs including airport tax, insurance and visa.
(Price includes: accommodation in double rooms with breakfast, transfers, 1 dinner on arrival, one dinner during the transfer Vinales Havana)
Accommodation & food

This is provided in double rooms in the "Casas particulares". These are separate rooms rented in Cuban houses and this popular formula has existed for over 20 years. It provides a high standard (double rooms, bathroom, refrigerator, air conditioning etc and is clean, comfortable and relaxed) with guaranteed Cuban hospitality and delicious cuisine. Breakfast the most common is: natural juice, milk or yogurt, fruit, bread, butter, jam, omelette or sandwich coffee. Lunch : fish, shrimps, chicken or pork with - rice, beans (black or coloured served as a thick soup), boiled or fried regional vegetables (yucca, bonato, banana) salad (organic and fresh from the sun), water, and coffee. Sometimes, for variety, spaghetti with shrimps or a vegetarian lunch is served. Dinner similar to lunch, often an addition soup and fruit or dessert. At least three times during the stay, there will be lobster.



will take place in several American classic cars (in excellent condition) or bus. Transfer to Cayo Levisas - air-conditioned bus.

Things to do:/ Additional Activities:


pelikanyIn Playa Larga:

  • One hour car trip with a guide to the National Park, "Salinas" , observation of wild birds: flamingos, pelicans and many others. After returning, lunch at Playa Larga; in the afternoon, a trip to the beach. Dinner
    Price: 50 $/person
  • All day - a guided kayak ride across the bay to the unspoilt beach . A good session on the beach, snorkelling with fins and masks, al fresco picnic: grilled pork, fish, salads, fruit. In the evening, dinner at Playa Larga.
    Price: 45 $/person
  • 100 63936 hours. stay in "Cueva de los Peces" - seaside caves (natural pool) picturesquely situated 100 metres from the beach and diving centre. Bathing in the sea and in fresh water caves. The possibility of a trial dive. Lunch at a hotel. Dinner after returning to Playa Larga.
    Price: 40 $/person + intro diving 35$
  • Full day trip to crocodile farm 10 km from Playa Larga. More than 1,000 specimens from small to 5-metre in length. Lunch near the farm, a unique opportunity to taste exquisite crocodile meat. After lunch, a speedboat ride across the lagoon to a tropical forest on the island of Guama where there is a reconstruction of the Indian village. After returning to Playa Larga, dinner
    Price: 70 $/person
  • 10CaletaBuena2All day car trip for 35 km along a very scenic coast to the wild bird reserve "Bermeja" . 1.5 hours bird watching then the rest of the day in "Caleta Buena" - a large natural pool with sapphire blue waters, a restaurant and two bars open with unlimited alcohol. Dinner at Playa Larga.
    Price: 50 $/person
  • 6 hours, 15 km bike tour to Sapilar - a village in a traditional forest. Sightseeing in the nearby "Monumento de 50 Aniversario" where Fidel Castro spent the night with the locals after repelling the American invasion of the Bay of Pigs. On the way back, a stay at another unspoilt beach, a picnic lunch and dinner on the beach. Dinner at Playa Larga
    Price: 40 $/person
  • All day. Car trip to Giron . Museum of the Repulsion of the Invasion of the U.S.. Then, a drive, a two-hour walk and stay in a traditional tropical forest. Observation of fauna and flora, as well as natural caves with pools. Relax and swim in one of the caves. On the way back, dinner at the famous promontory "Punta Perdiz". After lunch we go to the beach, snorkelling. Dinner at Playa Larga
    Price: 45$/ person

pgIn Cienfuegos:

  • lunch after checking in at "Punta Gorda" – afternoon tour in an exclusive residential part of the city. Dinner and entry to a club with live music.  
    Price: 50 $ (with unlimited alcohol)

In Trinidad:

  • tr5 hrs. Guided city tour . Lunch
    Price: 25 $/person
  • 6 hours. In nature. Horse riding to the limits of the stunning National Park. Walking to the waterfalls. Swimming in natural pools near the falls and a stream leading to caves with bats under a waterfall. Relax with a beer. Lunch in Trinidad.
    Price: 35 $/person
  • Dinner in the old town. Entry to a club with live music. Unlimited alcohol.
    Price: 40 $/person

qqIn Vinales:

  • 5 hrs. Trip on horseback on small, gentle ponies. Visiting the Valley of Vinales, tobacco plantations, breathtaking views. Stop and visit a cave with a natural pool where you can swim. On the way back, stop at a farm with refreshments - Coco-Loco (rum in a coconut). Lunch and dinner in Vinales
    Price: 50 $/person
  • All day. Transfer in a car to the hotel "Los Jazmines" , with the most beautiful view of the entire valley. Walking Tour (a total of about 7 km) across the valley. Coffee served by farmers in front of their houses. Interesting stories told by the guide on the history of local settlement. Resting under the "Mural de Prehistory" - a giant wall painting depicting the history of contemporary life on earth. Lunch at farmhouses. Dinner in Vinales
    Price: 50 $/person
  • All day. bike trip (a total of 16 km) to the "Cueva del Indio" - the biggest cave in the area with an underground river, where they hid runaway slaves. The visit is by speedboat. The way back stop and lunch on the lagoon "de Piedra". Dinner in Vinales.
    Price: 50 $/person
  • cllAll day. Expedition in cars (50 km each way) to "Cayo Jutias" – a coral island connected to the mainland "by the sea". Caribbean paradise with white sand beaches and palm trees. Azure water with a long, gentle entry into the sea. Lunch in a restaurant on the beach. Dinner after coming to Vinales
    Price: 65 $/person
  • All day. Bus excursion to "Cayo Levisas" - another coral paradise island. Arriving at the island by boat, this is the opportunity to dive from a boat, or snorkelling. Dinner in Vinales
    Price: 55$/person
  • dAny time. Stay above the open pool at "Ermita" hotel, which is on a beautiful hill overlooking the town and the valley. 2 drinks per person (Pina Colada, Mojito), lunch by the pool. Trip to the hotel and back by taxi.
    Price: 35 $/person
  • Visit to the music club "Polo Montanez" - show, dancers, dancing. Unlimited Alcohol.
    Price: 30 $/person

33in Havana:

  • Visiting the old town with guide and lunch:
    Price: 18 $/person
  • Drive through the town in an open bus "City Tour":
    Price: 8 $/person
  • Dinner and visit to a club with live music in Vedado. No limits on alcohol:
    Price: 35 $/person
  • Last few hours on the beach. Getting there in air-conditioned bus. Lunch on the beach.
    Price: 25 $/person

100 6385Playa Larga is a town in the Bay of Pigs in the Cienaga de Zapata National Park, a vast area with plenty of shallow wetlands and characteristic rich flora and fauna, especially wild birds. There is a huge amount of limestone slopes and underground rivers that appear on certain sections of the surface, caves. A very sparsely populated area, most caves are virgin and unexplored. A characteristic animal of the region is the crocodile and you can see it in a closed farm (look in our programme) Quite a few remnants of the failed invasion by the U.S. ("worms’’ – coming from a ‘worm’, gusano mercenaries - Fidel Castro) - bunkers, Monuments of Triumph, the graves of the fallen. Beautiful, over 1 kilometre long, virgin beach with white sand and coconut trees. View of the bay.

Cienfuegos – "The Pearl of the South" and the capital of the province. At "Punta Gorda" residential area focus on the most interesting monuments of the colonial era - Palace "de Valle" and other beautiful residences, parks and a marina. The district is located on a narrow promontory on the east side closing picturesque Bay of Cienfuegos. The town is famous for its nightlife.

Trinidad – located only 70 km from Cienfuegos is considered one of the most beautiful colonial cities in the Caribbean. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the picturesque location is near the sea at the foot of the mountains. Bars, restaurants, clubs, music under the stars

Vinales:extremely charming colonial town located in the Valley of Vinales inscribed in 1999 as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The historic centre of tobacco growing, the flat valley is dominated by limestone hills and very picturesque mounds of rock 'Mogote', caves, underground rivers, many of the most famous Cueva del Indio.

In Havana we will visit Vedado, a residential district along the famous seaside promenade "Malecon", spend the night here in one of the many music clubs and a night in colonial homes. We will visit the beautifully renovated old town - "Havana Vieja".  


  • Cueva de los Peces
  • Playa Larga
  • Trinidad muzyka na żywo
  • Pokoje Zakwaterowanie w casa particular.
  • Fabryka cygar
  • Kino rewolucyjne w Sapilar
  • Droga z Cayo Jutiyas do Vinales
  • Powrót z Salinas droga w Parku Narodowym Salinas
  • Hawana "EL MORO" fort strzegący wejścia do Hawany
  • Zielony "POLACITO"
  • Ochrona żółwi Żółwie na Kubie są popularne jak u nas bociany.

+ bilet lotniczy + atrakcje + 100 USD na dodatkowe koszty