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CoA Trogir

   Only 75 km away from our base there is a real Croatian architectural masterpiece – the historic centre of small town called Trogir. To tell the true we were impressed when we saw the first time that such a little provincial municipality has so much to offer tourists. Having only 12,000 citizens Trogir owns a high concentration of ancient towers, churches and fortresses.

  Trogir has 2300 years of urban tradition. Tragurion, that’s the ancient name of Trogir, was founded as a port and trading settlement in the 3-rd century BC by Greek colonists. Later, during the late Roman period it was extended and refortified. In the second half of the 9-th century, Trogir became part of the Byzantine Empire and it was occupied by Venice at the end of the 10th century. 

   Between the 13-th and 15-th centuries a lot of new buildings rose, that was the period of the construction of the Cathedral with the Portal of Master Radovan, the unique work of this Croatian artist, and the Camerlengo fortress. The Duke's Palace was constructed in the 13-th century. The city gate and city walls were built and fortified from 15-th to 17-th centuries. And all of the ancient and Medieval sites are
trogir htzconcentrated on a one square kilometer island!

   The Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods are successfully intertwined on narrow paved Trogir streets and compose its unique charm.

   In 1997 it was decided to add Trogir historical center to the UNESCO World Heritage List. We heartily recommend to visit Trogir!