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    Junkers JU 87 licensed wreck New wreck in Adriatic available from NAUTILUS Diving Center!
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    Diving in Croatia Perfect for macro photography
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    The best diving spots Marvellous Gorgonaceas, Cornati National Park
  • Cornati National Park
    Cornati National Park You have to dive there!

The most beautiful Croatian karst river Krka, which is situated in the vicinity of Šibenik,  flows from the Dinaric Alps to the Adriatic Sea. Its length is 73 km, the average flow at its mouth is 50 m³/s .The Krka National Park (Nacionalni Park Krka) is located  along river banks and  the shoreline. It covers the area of lower course of the river Krka, from Trosenj and Necven to its mouth at the Adriatic Sea near Šibenik. The park area is 109 km². Deep gorges cut into limestone  cliffs together with numerous lakes and waterfalls  present a very interesting view. The most interesting part of the park are seven waterfalls (Bilusić buk, Prljen buk, Manojlovac, Rošnjak, Miljacka slap, Roški slap and the largest and most famous of them - Skradinski buk). All the waterfalls are in total over 45 meters high.  It is a unique place due to its archaeological, speleological, natural and landscape character. Attractions: waterfalls, climate, travertine, endemic species of plants and animals, archaeological sites.

more: wwwnp-krk.hr