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gajeta1The Latin sail is a sail that they has been used for centuries in the Jezera  area. For the people of Island  Murter, it is today still a protected symbol. To give thanks to their sail, on the day of St. Michael, the patron saint of the parish of Murter, the people of Murter organise a regatta of traditional boats “leut”, “gajeta” and “kaić”. The regatta’s route follows the labourers’ routes of the former generations of Murter who sailed to their lands on Kornati on a daily basis. This sight of the open sails on the sea fills the hearts of all visitors with joy, and the regatta itself is, of course, followed by a variety of events.

There are workshops in maritime skills, lectures, and exhibitions, and also the traditional snacks with fried sardines.

WHEN: august.

WHERE: Jezera/ Murter

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